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Reframing Rejection

If you’ve ever put your work into the world, hoping for publication or recognition, then you’ve probably experienced rejection. A flat out no. Maybe a “strong work, but it doesn’t fit in our publication.” Perhaps silence. The silence is the worst, isn’t it? A lot of you have told me that you have a hardContinue Reading

Sometimes the Thing You’re Afraid of Happens… And It’s OK.

Picture this: me, at my desk, hosting a training by phone. Just talking away about writing, and the importance of writing about your writing as a way to get un-stuck. Suddenly, there’s a dial tone in my ear. And then, that all too familiar beep, beep, beep that happens when the line goes dead. InContinue Reading

Dealing with Discomfort in Writing

  If it weren’t raining right now, I’d be out on my bike taking in the fall colors from a trail instead of my office window. I would give you all kinds of reasons for playing hooky. The leaves will fall from the trees any day now–this could be my last chance to enjoy them.Continue Reading

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