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You’re Worth It

Writing. On the surface, it sounds like such a simple thing. Put your pen to the page or your fingers to the keyboard and do it. The trouble is that writing is never just about writing. It’s always about something else. I talked to a writer today who’s going to write a book, and whileContinue Reading

The #1 Way We Make Writing Harder Than It Is.

Writing isn’t hard. It just feels that way. When I finished graduate school, I thought I knew about writing. And then I had an idea for a novel and realized I had a lot to learn. I’d been writing creative nonfiction and memoir. Short pieces that happened to add up to a book. But fiction? And a whole book?Continue Reading

You’re exactly where you need to be.

Last week, one of my writing clients confessed that she thought she would be farther by now–as in, she’s been coming back to writing off and on for ten years. After a full decade, shouldn’t she have accomplished more by now? She is an extremely optimistic and positive woman, but I could hear the frustrationContinue Reading

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