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Feel Good About Your Writing

I’ve been working on the study guide for a new program, “The Clear, Focused Book Writer: Get Your Story Out of Your Mind and Onto the Page.” (More info coming soon). The writing process has me thinking a lot about procrastination and the reasons we don’t write. You know I think procrastination has little to doContinue Reading

Life, Brought to You by Writing

This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the kind of life that creative writing makes possible. It’s been brought about by one undeniable fact: I’m getting older. My birthday is July 5th. As a kid, that meant no one was home for birthday parties, but there were fireworks and my dad had the dayContinue Reading

Understanding Your Own Special Form of Procrastination

You know that moment when you think about sitting down to write, but you find yourself doing the dishes instead? Or cleaning the bathroom? Or brushing the dog? (That’s a big one for me, especially during spring and fall. She has this crazy undercoat that comes out in clumps. It’s like she’s molting! I can’tContinue Reading

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