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Connecting with your readers.

I’ve heard a theme lately in my conversations with writers. You want to write because you want to connect with others. The admission comes with a hesitant tone, as if you don’t want to be presumptuous that you would be published someday. But you want to entertain people. You want to make them laugh. YouContinue Reading

Let Curiosity Take the Wheel

A few weeks ago, I led a workshop exploring the five senses through writing. A few days ago I finished leading a 21-Day Creative Writing Challenge (which many of you signed up for, so I took a break from the WritingStrides newsletter–I figured that hearing from me every day for three weeks might be enough!).Continue Reading

Lost steam? Here’s one way to create momentum again.

Momentum can feel like such a fickle friend, can’t it? You go to a retreat, get inspired, head home, lose focus. You start a piece, feel energized by your progress, and then life pulls you away. You can’t seem to pick your writing back up again. Or there’s my preferred form of avoidance–writing a full draft,Continue Reading

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