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Welcome to WritingStrides!

As a nationally published, award winning writer and creative writing coach, I help you show up at the page and write heartfelt stories while you're there. Writing doesn't have to be a struggle, and when it feels good, you will too.

I believe that the most fulfilling form of creative writing is a process of exploration and discovery. The idea gets you started, and the writing reveals the story. I help you make progress by helping you:


Get back to your writing:

When you approach writing as an act of exploration, you discover ideas and stories you didn't know you had. 

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Write more and better: 

When you work with a coach who understands your goals, you write stories, essays, and books that leave a lasting impression with readers.

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Stay inspired to write:

When you let go of rules (like write every day), you learn what you need so you can do the one thing that makes you feel like a writer: write.

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Say yes to creative writing. You'll find that you're really saying yes to you.

I live and write 9,000 feet above sea level in the Colorado Rockies, where I'm an editor for the local newspaper, freelance for publications like The Wall Street Journal, and devote time to the projects that mean the most to me—essays, short stories, and my novel.

I used to live in Minneapolis, where I worked in graphic design and marketing, owned a classic one-and-a-half story bungalow near the Mississippi River, and saw my entire future mapped out in front of me. It was a good life, but I always knew... there had to be more.

When I said yes to my dream of writing—whether it amounted to anything or not—I found my way here. To the mountains. To a fulfilling career. To a life where I never feel like something is missing.  Learn More About My Story