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Dealing with Discomfort in Writing

  If it weren’t raining right now, I’d be out on my bike taking in the fall colors from a trail instead of my office window. I would give you all kinds of reasons for playing hooky. The leaves will fall from the trees any day now–this could be my last chance to enjoy them.Continue Reading

The Writer’s Connection

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be giving presentations and leading workshops in neighboring towns. I. Can’t. Wait. The idea of being in a room full of writers makes me giddy. The inspiration! The chance to get away from my desk! To connect! Yes! But you know what? Connecting with other writers used to make me feel depressed.Continue Reading

When Writing is Hard

I have an admission. Last week, writing was hard. Like really hard. I wrote half as often as I normally do, and when I did I stared at the computer screen with distaste. I couldn’t connect with my characters. I couldn’t figure out what happened next. I didn’t have fun.   What, my inner gremlin wantedContinue Reading

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