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Last week, one of my writing clients confessed that she thought she would be farther by now–as in, she’s been coming back to writing off and on for ten years. After a full decade, shouldn’t she have accomplished more by now? She is an extremely optimistic and positive woman, but I could hear the frustrationContinue Reading

From scrapping it all to seeing the potential in your writing.

Last week, I was ready to make a lot of changes to my novel. Move it from a Minnesota setting to Colorado. Change it from focusing on a wolf hunt to the reintroduction of a single wolf. Essentially: scrap it all. I had reasons. I have a hard time placing the book in Minnesota becauseContinue Reading

It Turns Out You Can Write Your Way to Happiness. Science Even Says So.

If you’ve attended ANY of my workshops, you’ve heard me talk about free writing–writing by hand to get at the truth. Rather than worry about sounding good or how your words will come across, just write until you arrive at something new. An insight. A realization. A mental space that’s less cluttered. I expect peopleContinue Reading

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