WritingStrides started as a happy accident: I was at the newspaper office proofing that week's paper when my phone rang. A local writer had started a book, gotten half way through and needed help figuring out how to finish it. The owner of the local bookstore had suggested he give me a call (yay for small-town life! Learn more about my story here).

I'd never coached another writer before, but I decided to give it a go. It didn't take long for me to figure out that I loved it... And that he saw results. After another referral or two, I also started to realize that I offered more than writing expertise. 

It turns out there are two types of writing skills.

There's the act of stringing words and sentences together so that they tell a story, make a point or say what you mean to say. But there's also the act of showing up, and that's not always easy.

There seems to be this collective idea that "real" writers write every day, never struggle with procrastination, always know what to do next, and write a minimum of 1,000 words every time. And if you're not doing those things, then you're not measuring up.

The trouble with that kind of thinking is that it doesn't account for the fact that all writers are human. And humans are, how shall we say it? Not that consistent. Humans are creative, energetic, determined, and ambitious. They're also plagued by procrastination. Doubt. Overwhelm. Daily obligations.

Not to mention that writing itself comes with unknowns. When you have an idea, where do you begin? When you aren't sure what happens next, how do you keep going? When you're not sure you have the skills to tell the story as vividly as you see it in your mind, what do you do?

The more I coached, the more I helped writers develop the skills to navigate this part of the writing process: the ups and downs that come with being human. 

There is always an easier way.

What I have learned from my years of working with writers is that whenever we get tripped up by unknowns, we are almost always making things harder than they need to be. Taking on too much guilt. Allowing frustration and discouragement to take the wheel. Expecting ourselves to have done more faster, to be farther than we are. So everything I do through WritingStrides, from the blog and newsletter to workshops and coaching, focuses on easing the pressure. And most often, taking a close look at the way you're thinking about your writing and how that might be getting in the way. 

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