Yes, you love to write. Like me, your outlook on life improves when you’re showing up at the page. You feel a sense of possibility when you're creating stories you love. 

But you also love your family and friends, and being active in your community. You love your career, or you’re figuring out what it means to be retired. You go to yoga or hike or ride your mountain bike. Maybe all three!

You want writing to enhance that life, not take over. So all those “rules” about writing—do it every day, write from 9 to 5, write first thing in the morning—don’t always apply.

The good news? You don’t have to choose between writing and the rest of your life.

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As an award-winning writer, I founded WritingStrides to help you make writing a rewarding and ongoing part of a rich and full life.

So often, I meet writers who feel guilty or disappointed that they aren't writing more or, at the very least, aren't farther by now. They feel like they need to get more disciplined or magically find eight more hours in a day.

Yet I know... creativity doesn't flow from frustration or a sense of lack—of not measuring up. It flows when you cut yourself some slack, ease the pressure, and learn how to realistically prioritize writing into your life.

There are actually two types of writing skills: stringing words and sentences together to tell a story, and learning to show up at the page.


And the truth is? Very few people talk about how to show up in an honest way. They say, Write everyday. Write from 9 to 5. Get more disciplined. But you and I are human.

We are creative, energetic, determined, and ambitious. We are also susceptible to procrastination, doubt,  overwhelm, and our many daily obligations.

At WritingStrides I help writers work with all that humanness rather than struggling against it. Instead of demanding that you spread yourself thin, I help you figure out how to show up at the page regularly without giving up sleep, your social life, or your job.

Because once you're at the page regularly, you'll produce the raw material you need to transform your writing into engaging, powerful stories.

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