WritingStrides Blog Launches April 15!

Make April 15 more than tax day--make it the day you commit to take your writing farther. The WritingStrides Blog will have tons of tips & tricks and writing inspiration to help you build your writing process, plus navigate the ups and downs of the writing life. You'll find: Author & Writer Interviews. Wonder about the writing habits of published authors? Like, do they really get up at 5 a.m. and write every single day? Don't they ever procrastinate? And what's the strangest place they've ever written?

-4Pen to Paper. Let's forget about the need to be perfect and remember that the best writing grows out of the moments we learn to let go. WritingStrides writing activities will give you an excuse to put that pen to paper and make writing an act of discovery.

Inspiration, Tips & Tricks. Personal insight from me into the writing process. I'll cover the writing process, the emotional ups and downs of writing, tips on revising and anything else that comes up during my own writing journey. (Have a topic you'd like me to cover? Contact me directly!)

-5One for the Well. My life coach helped me learn that I can only give from a well that is overflowing. It's true in life and for writing, too. Once a week I'll share something purely inspirational, that may or may not have anything to do with writing. So you're putting something back into your creative well, not just running it dry.

The best way to stay in touch with the WritingStrides blog is to sign up for the WritingStrides Newsletter before the launch. You'll get a free guide right away to start busting your writing blocks, and once a week I'll update you on Launch Week. I'm lining up author interviews (like friend and mentor Elizabeth Cohen whose new book, The Hypothetical GirlI can't wait to read!). I'll also let you know about launch-week giveaways for subscribers (how's a free mentoring session sound?). I'll include some writing activities and insights, too, so sign up today and get ready to take your writing farther.