Ignite Your Writing with A Writing Retreat in Paonia, Colorado

Do you love to write? Does writing find its way into your everyday life (even if that means long emails to friends, your journal, or your blog) but you wish that you were taking it to the next level? Fresh & Wyld Farmhouse


That was me, not too long ago. I wrote sassy emails to friends, journaled like crazy, and tried starting a blog (it was called Nature Girl. It was short-lived). What I really wanted to write? A book.

But something in the back of my mind told me that I couldn't do that. Only real writers could do that.


Now I know better. I mean, what does that even mean?? Anyone can write a book if they want to. If they're willing to invest the time and the energy. If they're willing to gather their support network around them (because let's be honest, anything that involves time and energy also requires cheerleaders).

I had to take a lot of community writing classes to figure that out, finally going back to school and writing that book. But you don't have to make it so hard for yourself. You could claim your writing dreams in as little as a 2-night retreat... a WritingStrides retreat in Paonia, Colorado:

Writing. Yoga. Wine tasting. Local, organic meals. Cozy rooms in a farmhouse inn. In other words, the perfect setting to work through the blocks that keep you from writing your story.

You'll get to work with me, and with certified life coach and yoga teacher DIna Ferrante (she has helped me and my writing career get on track in more ways that I can say!). We'll immerse ourselves in the West Elks Wine Country to:

An organic, all-inclusive retreat.

**Identify and remove the obstacles that keep you from writing.

**Turn the writing process into a journey of discovery filled with freedom, inspiration, and  fun.

**Find permission and courage to write from a place of intuition.

**Uncover and discover your story so that you no longer feel stuck and are ready to write.

We're meeting up October 9 - 11, and Paonia is close to two convenient airports and a beautiful drive from Denver. Check it out. Think about it. And then, why wait to claim your dreams?