Why Bother Writing About Your Own Life? Let me give you 10 reasons...

1. You like to write. 'Nuff said. 2. You feel better when you're writing than when you aren't. So why not write?

3. Writing creates clarity---what you think, feel, want. It's a way to know yourself better because you dig through all the ideas about what you should think to what you really believe.

4. People crave authenticity. You'll naturally come across as authentic if you've taken the time to write about your life and know your own life stories.

5. Clarity creates courage. The more you write, the better you'll know yourself and the more you'll make choices that align with your beliefs and values.

6a. When you're clear about your own story, you can share it with others. In writing, in conversation, on your website... and that will create connections.

6b. Let's face it. We all love stories. We love hearing them, sharing them, and we especially love feeling them. And a story can come in a Facebook status, a blog post, or sitting on a park bench. Be ready to tell yours.

7. Sure, your story's been told before but never in the way that you experienced it. Maybe telling your version will finally help someone hear something she needs to hear. It's like when you're in yoga class, and the teacher says something for the thousandth time, and it finally sinks in.

8. Writing of any kind makes you a better writer. And though we live in a digital age, communication is critical. Have you gotten an email with no punctuation, bad grammar, and incomplete sentences? It feels sloppy and the email offender often seems grumpy when she's really just lazy. In all things online your words convey your personality, so be good at using them.

9. It's rebellious. When you pick up your pen, you're saying, "I'm going to write about my life whether anyone wants to read it and whether or not I get published!" And isn't it fun to be a wee bit rebellious sometimes?

10. Writing is a form of self-expression. It's not something reserved for the uber-talented, creative geniuses. As a human, you were simply born with a great capacity to express yourself. Why waste that opportunity?