The Power of a Choosing a Goal

When I was in my 20s, I didn't understand how people made choices when it came to anything that mattered. A career. A place to live. Where to travel. It seemed that every time I said yes to something, I was closing the door to about eight other things. And how did I know if I was choosing the right one? The result? For a long time I didn't choose anything. I followed the path of least resistance. Took the jobs that fell in my lap. Lived in apartments that my roommates picked out. And... I never felt fulfilled. Never really did anything that made me feel alive, joyful, and happy.

I see this same line of thinking in writers, too. We all have more than one idea, right? There's the essay about that trip you took, and the children's book idea and someday, the memoir. It's impossible to choose!

But what if saying yes to one writing goal opened the door to the others?

What if choosing one ends the paralysis that comes from choosing none? What if--instead of having half finished essays and a few chapters of a book all tucked away and unfinished--you actually finished something? Saw it through from beginning to end?

When you choose a single writing project, you unleash the power of your creativity: 

~You write instead of thinking about writing ~You explore, experiment, and grow as a writer ~You strengthen your own writing process & it will serve you into the future ~You can say "I am a writer" and it will be true

And most importantly? You'll be more likely to write other books or essays or stories because you'll know the transformational power of making creativity a part of your daily life.

When we don't make a choice, we opt for the very thing we don't want: the failure to write anything at all. 

Making a choice is not about closing doors. It's about opening new ones. If you could choose a single thing, what would it be?

What writing idea makes you feel the most excited? An untapped sense of possibility. That's the one--not the one, but the one to write next.