The Writer's Connection

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be giving presentations and leading workshops in neighboring towns. I. Can't. Wait. The idea of being in a room full of writers makes me giddy. The inspiration! The chance to get away from my desk! To connect! Yes! But you know what? Connecting with other writers used to make me feel depressed.

I used to attend writing workshops and look around the room at all the other aspiring writers and think, Who am I to write?

How could there be room in the world for all of us? If someone else wrote something powerful, how could I expect to be as good (much less better)? How could I ever write anything new? Hadn't everything been said?

I didn't understand that there has never been a new topic anywhere--that it's the unique detail of one person's experience or perspective that makes a story resonate with a particular audience.

I didn't understand that there is a thrill and a sense of accomplishment that come from simply writing. That long before anyone would read my work, I would grow and change because of writing.

I didn't understand that once I opened myself up to the people in workshops, I would feel a sense of kinship. That together we would figure out what it meant to be writers. That we would be each other's first readers. That we would thrill in each other's successes (even when we felt jealous). That when we parted ways I would miss them. 

When you open yourself up to other writers, you can find far more inspiration than discouragement. I know that many of you crave that sense of connection. You tell me when you email me, and when you come to my talks. You can't believe that the struggle is shared. You're not alone.

It's why I've started something new: The Writer's Connection. It's an online group to bring writers together, and to give you some professional guidance to achieve your writing goals.

I know this won't resonate with all of you, but I wanted to invite you to join. I've done my best to create an inspirational atmosphere and keep the cost low. It's my intention that with The Writer's Connection, you'll never be alone as a writer. You'll have a supportive place to claim your goals and get inspiration & encouragement. And, you'll get support from me through monthly group coaching calls.

If that sounds like something you need, check it out and consider joining. Our first call is September 16th. If it's not the time, or the fit, I understand. And I invite you to find your own writer's connection so you can experience the power that comes from feeling less alone.

Because that's truly what it's about: strength in numbers. Let's put an end to the isolation, shall we?