You Are Enough

I had this idea that I was going to finish the next draft of my novel by Thanksgiving. But according to my calendar, that's only a week away, and I'm still working to get clear on some major plot lines. The only thing I know for sure is that a week isn't going to cut it. Alpenglow over the Sangre de Cristo mountains.

A client of mine cleared her schedule for a weekend (even sent the family on an adventure), and in the quiet of her house wrote 10 pages and then got distracted by research. In the end, she felt like she didn't do enough and felt discouraged.

Another client of mine thought she was done with her book, and started working on the proposal. From her new vantage point, she suddenly saw things differently and found herself rewriting the book again. She wondered how she would ever know when she was done.

There are plenty of moments when writing doesn't pan out the way we want it to, expect it to, or hope it will. It's tempting to look at it as a sign of failure, but it's not. Creativity doesn't follow a plan, a map, or a schedule. It flows on its own accord and sometimes it's our job to ride the current instead of direct its movement.

That doesn't necessarily make it feel better. It's easy to just feel down, overwhelmed, confused, or uncertain. If you find yourself in one of those moments, here's what I know:

You are enough. You are creative enough, determined enough, and passionate enough to keep going. You are smart enough to figure out a different way, to back off and take a break, or to seek out the support you need to rekindle your fire and keep going.

You have enough. You have enough brains, enough creativity, enough resources and enough of everything that makes you you to write the things you dream of writing.

Your dream--your desire to write--does not make you a pie in the sky dreamer or a navel gazer. It does not make you out of touch with reality or unrealistic about what's possible.

When you encounter a rough spot, your mind might try to tell you otherwise. It's wrong. For people who love to write, the pursuit of writing is about more than putting the pen to the page or sitting down at the keyboard. It's about fulfilling a need for purpose and understanding, and fitting into your own skin. It's about seeing a wide, wild world and feeling like you belong. And for all of that, you are always enough.