Transform Your Writing, Shift #9 (Bonus): Writing, just like your life, is an ongoing process and ever-changing.

By Alissa Johnson

As a result of the 8 Simple Shifts to Transform Your Writing, it's possible that you've made some real changes in the way you view your writing life. Less pressure to meet unattainable goals, perhaps, or giving yourself permission to focus on the story that most excites you.

The sense of relief can't be understated. But how do you keep going with your newfound approach to writing?

SHIFT #9 (A BONUS): Remember that writing, just like your life, is an ongoing process and ever-changing.

My writing changes all the time. In fact, over just the last week, I've come to some new realizations.

I used to be content with the time I had for writing. While I'm still more than a writer and aim to keep it that way, I'm ready to make changes so that I can write more. Writing is moving up in my priorities, and I'm surprised to realize that other things (like that new mountain bike I've been coveting) feel less urgent. They can wait. 

What's so interesting about this is that six months ago, last month, or even when I started the 8 Simple Shifts email series, I wasn't ready for this. The timing had to be right. 

I've also learned that, for the time being, writing out of order and working on more than one section of a story at a time are the only ways I can make progress. So I've given myself the freedom to do that.

Yet I'm aware that these approaches will also shift. At some point I'll return to writing in a linear fashion. I'll take the plunge on that new mountain bike, and spend more time on it than I do at the page.

Making transformation stick isn't about making changes and doing those things forever. It's about paying attention to what works and noticing when it's time to make adjustments.

For the last few weeks, you've been uncovering what works for you at this moment in time. It might change, however, as you change or your life changes.

I find that to be a relief. When things get tricky, I know I'm not stuck. I can go through a process like the 8 Simple Shifts to Transform Your Writing as many times as I need to, uncovering my best ways of working. 

So my main message? Don't panic about making these newfound insights stick. Do what works for you now, and trust that you have the ability to reassess in a month or three months or six.

Plus, you can trust that I'm always looking for new ways to help you feel good about your writing. Like these:

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