In this day-long, all-inclusive writing intensive with coach Alissa Johnson, you'll experience the relief that comes from getting clear about what you're writing and how you want to write it. If you have a book idea you're struggling to start, a work-in-progress that has stalled out, or feel overwhelmed by your book, keep reading!

You want to see the pages grow, but how?
With the Book Writer's Personal Retreat, you'll make sense of the questions and unknowns that keep you from writing—and create some shifts in the way you approach writing so it feels easier.

You'll also take all those ideas in your mind and get organized so you can create a story map or book map. A sense of clarity and knowing where you're headed go a long way when it comes to the act of writing!

We'll also make sure you know how to take these new tools and apply them to  your writing at home, so you can keep the momentum going. And The best part? You'll spend time in the mountains. There's nothing better than getting away from daily distractions and reconnecting with nature to feel inspired and back in the flow.

In your VIP day (because that's what it is—-a day just for you), you will: 

 Summer in my neck of the woods: Inspiration abounds!

Summer in my neck of the woods: Inspiration abounds!

  • Let go of old writing ideas that no longer serve you and discover new, easier ways to approach writing.
  • Learn to think like a book writer so you can make focused progress with  your book.
  • Get all those ideas you have out of your head and put them to use.
  • Get organized so you can create a story map. You'll have a place to begin writing and a direction to head!

As a result of the Book Writer's Personalized Retreat, you'll stop worrying about the RIGHT way to write, and find YOUR way. 

Your retreat will be tailored to you and your writing. Includes workshop sessions with writing and brainstorming time, personalized instruction & guidance from Alissa, mapping materials and WritingStrides original worksheets, plus a delicious organic lunch and snacks. And you'll cap off the day with a hike and/or an adult beverage to debrief your experience and make sure you're ready to go home and write.

 Crested Butte Mountain: The Gunnison Valley is the best backdrop for writing.   Photo by Alissa Johnson

Crested Butte Mountain: The Gunnison Valley is the best backdrop for writing.   Photo by Alissa Johnson

The Book Writer's Personal Retreat is a bridge from where you are - thinking about writing - to where you want to be: writing.

You'll finally feel like a book writer again and return home energized to keep keep going. Act now to take advantage of this opportunity to get personalized insights and input from Alissa: 

“You have the gift of saying the right things, by paying close attention to what your client is saying, and of suggesting what might be the next helpful step(s)... Having a guide there who actually knows your work intimately is a rare circumstance. I’m grateful for it. ”

— Laurie, CA

“After our first phone conversation I knew that I had chosen the right person to help me go forward on my book. I had shelved the work on it for about a year and after talking to Alissa for just an hour... I got right back to work, did some revision and hammered out what I really wanted to work with."

— Melissa, CO


Don't miss this opportunity to get back to your book with more confidence and more clarity. Just fill out the application below, and Alissa will follow up with you personally to discuss your book writing goals.

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