Writing matters to you. Whether you loved it from the moment you learned how or rediscovered it in recent years, something about it appeals to you.

Perhaps you're telling a story that you've been carrying with you for years, one that captures something about your life, your family, or what it means to be alive.

Maybe you're finally tackling that novel. You know—the one that's fun to write, people want to read, and gives you the sense of accomplishment you crave. 

Or perhaps you're not sure what you want to write. You just know that writing is an important part of your life, and you're not content to ignore it.

Whatever your circumstance, you want to grow as a writer and write stories, essays or books that are meaningful for you and your potential readers.

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You can, and I can help you. As the founder of WritingStrides, I help writers show up at the page and tell a story while they're there.

I draw on my own life as a writer, editor and the founder of WritingStrides. Experience has shown me that with guidance, you'll accomplish more, feel better about your writing, and see the quality of your writing grow. 

My specialty is understanding your vision, and helping you ensure that you're telling the story you want to tell. When you work with me, you'll feel heard, empowered to get writing, and content to let your creativity and the story show you the way.


I base all of my coaching on the idea that there are two sets of writing skills: the act of putting words and sentences together so you can say what you mean to say, and the act of showing up.

All too often, advice in the latter skillset sounds like this:

  • Write every day
  • Write first thing in the morning
  • Write 1,000 words a day

That's great as long as can do it. But we're all human. And that means that our confidence ebbs and flows, as does our clarity about what we're creating. That means your ability to show up ebbs and flows too.

I help writers work through the unknowns, the uncertainty, and the doubt so they can show up at the page with consistency. Then, once they're writing, we make sure they're telling the story they want to tell.

Sometimes that means I read a manuscript they've already written to help them see it more clearly and revise it into something stronger. Sometimes, I help writers figure out how to create that manuscript in the first place (like my Book Writer's Personal Retreat).

Others times, I help writers get that pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and let the writing lead the way: When they show up, what do they create? And what can they learn along the way?

Working with me almost always involves a combination of writing deadlines (oh, that accountability!), reading responses (always thoughtful and respectful, designed to energize you and get you back to the page) and coaching (there's nothing like having a partner to brainstorm what comes next).

Our work together is always tailored to you and your writing, and I focus on giving you the tools to grow as a writer. My intention is that you not only see progress in your writing, but become more confident and focused as a writer. 


Interested? Here's how to get in touch:

If you're intrigued by the idea of working with me, the best way to begin is with a FREE Discovery Session. It's a one-on-one conversation where you get to take a step back and assess your writing life--what do you want to write and why? What challenges do you face? And what shifts or steps can you take to find your way forward? 

You'll get some refreshing clarity on your writing—I routinely hear writers say, "I didn't realize that until I said it out loud!" I'll get a sense for how I might be able help you, and will provide a coaching recommendation. If it's a fit, great! If it's not, there's no obligation to work with me further. Just fill out the DISCOVERY SESSION FORM, and I'll look forward to talking with you soon!