A WritingStrides Original Presentation

A writing conference is like an outpouring of information and inspiration: the speakers, workshops, new friends, and new mentors shower writers with ideas, how-to guidelines, and the ins and outs of the writing world. It’s all writing all the time! And then, writers go home. Some feel so inspired and filled with ideas they hit the ground running. But some get overwhelmed—there’s so much to think about, where should they start? Or a couple of months down the road, momentum fades. In this workshop, we’ll cover how to transform the energy of the writing conference into personal motivation and progress.. We’ll talk about how to get focused and confident again, overcome the top mindset that keeps writers stuck after a conference, and how to set attainable goals so writers can get back on track. 

What and where:
A free 45 to 90 minute presentation hosted virtually, so conference participants can attend from anywhere. 

WritingStrides handles registration and hosting of the call, and provides promotional copy to conference organizers. Conference organizers handle promotion to past conference participants.

Alissa Johnson is a nationally published and award-winning writer whose work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Dirt Rag Magazine, and Aifé, among other publications. She is associate editor at the Crested Butte News and a regular contributor to Wilderness News. Her writing has won awards from FundsforWriters and the Colorado Press Association, and she holds an MFA in Creative and Professional Writing from Western Connecticut State University (WCSU). She has taught at WCSU, Western State Colorado University, the annual writing conference Writing the Rockies, and the Headwaters Poetry Festival.

The 45-minute presentation is free. The 90-minute deep-dive is available in exchange for future promotion of WritingStrides online workshops or content.


Alissa Johnson has done numerous writing workshops for our community library that have been very well attended; in fact, we have received requests for more. Alissa has the unique ability in setting up her workshops so that all levels of writers can participate and benefit from the experience. Her workshops are thoughtful, inspirational and motivating. All participants leave feeling that they are writers who have something to share that only they can express.

From an organizer’s point of view, working with Ms. Johnson is positive and easy in that she has her own ideas but is open and sensitive to the organization’s needs and goals. She is flexible yet very organized. She is particularly good at listening and distilling what has taken place in a conversation or class discussion so that it is clear to all what has happened and what is expected in the future. Her responses are timely, appropriate and business-like. In short, it is a joy to work with Alissa Johnson.
— Barbara McCutcheon Crawford, Crested Butte Friends of the Library, Crested Butte Writers Conference