...To make writing an ongoing, rewarding part of your life. 

I help writers show up at the page and create something meaningful while they're there.

How? By helping you figure out what works for you instead of trying to follow someone else's rules. I help you find: 

  • Your best path through the creative process

  • The best way to tell your story  

There are three easy ways I can help you shape your writing life and grow the quality of your writing, starting today:


#1: Join the Inspired Writers Studio to get in the flow and write:



Having a place to go when you want to write.
A place that makes you feel creative.
Where you work alongside other writers
who understand the creative journey.
A place where you and your writing belong.
The Inspired Writers Studio.

The Inspired Writers Studio is your online writing community. You'll have a home for you and your writing, meet other writers, and learn how to make writing a central focus in your life—all without having to write everyday, write from 9 to 5, or make writing the ONLY thing you do. Learn more.

#2: Create a roadmap for your writing with a personalized consult:

Tired of false starts? Not knowing where to begin? Or writing in fits and starts? The Inspired Writers Consult and Action Plan is a laser-focused, micro coaching package to help you move your writing forward with intention and with purpose.

This consult is perfect for you if:

  • You have a specific project—like a novel, memoir, essays or short stories—that you want to write but aren't sure how to go about it
  • Know what you want to accomplish with your writing but have a hard time sticking to it. Writing always seems to take a back seat!
  • You're ready to prioritize your writing but aren't sure what to focus on and have a hard time putting it first (or at least second or third) in your life

Together, we'll uncover the #1 insight you need to stay committed to your writing, determine your best possible next steps, and create a roadmap for your writing. 

Learn More >

#3: Shape your manuscript into something readers will love:

You've poured your heart and soul into a book, a novella, or a short story or essay. Now? 

  • You wonder if it's ready to submit to an agent or for publication
  • A well-meaning friend or neighbor read it and made you wonder if it's any good
  • You're not getting traction with the agents and editors who read your work

I can help you evaluate what you've written to make sure you're saying what you mean to say and telling a heartfelt story.

I do that by identifying what's working well and teaching you how to build on those strengths so you can polish your manuscript. When you learn to see what you do well and improve writing elements tailored to your story, the quality of your writing and your confidence will grow!


Because each story is unique, the best way to learn more about this option is to conduct a FREE one-on-one consultation.

We'll discuss your vision for your writing, your biggest questions and obstacles, and talk about what a coaching relationship could look like. I'll be able to make sure we're a good fit, and you can make sure you like my approach before making a commitment. Apply here.