Find your way forward as a writer. 

Tired of false starts? Not knowing where to begin? Or writing in fits and starts? This consult is perfect for you if:

  • You have a specific project—a novel, memoir, essays or short stories—that you want to write but aren't sure how to go about it

  • Know what you want to accomplish with your writing but have a hard time sticking to it. Writing always seems to take a back seat!

  • You're ready to prioritize your writing but aren't sure what to focus on and have a hard time putting it first (or at least second or third) in your life

We'll create a roadmap
for your writing so you
have direction & focus.

With my help, you'll identify the #1 insight you need to stay committed over the long term, uncover the best possible next steps AND create a personalized, specific action plan to help you move forward with your writing. Your consult and action plan includes:

  • A WritingStrides original workbook, the Motivation Manifesto, to teach you how to stay focused for the duration ($100 value)
  • A Private Strategy Session to transform what you learn into a personalized approach to writing ($200 value)
  • A second WritingStrides original workbook, the Intentional Writer, to help you identify your next steps ($100 value)
  • A Private Coaching Session to transform your next steps, your personal reasons for writing, and your motivation manifesto into a personalized action plan ($200 value)
  • A copy of your Action Plan that will become the foundation of your writing ($200 value)
  • Email Support as we develop your action plan ($200)

That's a $1,000 value... and it's all yours for $597 or two payments of $347. Sign up today to jump start your writing and discover motivation that lasts. 

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“After our first phone conversation I knew I had chosen the right person to help me go forward on my book. I had shelved the work on it for about a year and after talking to Alissa for just an hour I got right back to work, did some revision and hammered out what I really wanted to work with.

“How did that happen? I have no idea except that Alissa can get into the nitty gritty almost immediately and draw it out of you. It is almost miraculous. I continue on the path and am feeling really good about it with her help and writing whispers.”

--Melissa, Colorado

“Alissa is motivating and inspiring—I wish I would have contacted her sooner! She is easy to talk to, a good listener, very knowledgeable and intuitive. I was nervous at first since I am a new writer, however she was so supportive and straightforward—it was really easy to work with her. She helped establish a framework for my writing lifestyle and gave me confidence in my creative process, writing style and ideas. I love getting her newsletters because they are full of great tips and stories too.”

— Mary B.

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