You are writing and you are ready.

To learn if you're saying what you mean to say. To grow the quality of your writing so it connects with an audience. To practice giving and receiving feedback. To study writing in an inspiring and intimate setting. To grow relationships with writers on a similar journey. To find your way forward and see where writing takes you. 


You're ready for the
Inspired Writers Master Track

An all-in-one semester program: writing course, critique group, private coaching and more. ŸŸ

You and a small group of writers will be guided to share feedback on your writing.
You'll get a sense for how your writing resonates with readers
learn how to be a good writing partner.

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You'll attend online seminars on the craft of writing, tailored to you.
The content will be customized to what you and your fellow group
members are writing so you'll have the tools to improve.

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You'll receive professional critiques and private coaching sessions
from a respectful coach and award-winning writer.
You'll know what you're doing well and be energized to
make focused, effective improvements to your writing.


Writers who work with me and invest in the study of writing in a small, supportive environment do so much more than improve the quality of what they create. They learn to believe in the power of their writing and discover new possibilities for their writing lives.


“Alissa’s vast knowledge about the craft of writing paired with her gentleness, humor and patience created an inviting place for me to unlock my writing, and courageously face blocks and uncertainties. Her step-by-step process and insightful feedback allowed me to reach beyond what I thought was possible. I am excited to continue fostering this creative fire that Alissa has sparked!” --Sarah, MN



“Alissa has the gift of saying the right things, by paying close attention to what her client is saying, and of suggesting what might be the next helpful step(s)... Having a guide there who actually knows your work intimately is a rare circumstance. I’m grateful for it. ”

--Laurie, CA


Designed with you in mind.


The Inspired Writers Master Track is designed for your maximum benefit. We limit space to no more than six writers so I can fully customize the course to meet your needs and the writing you bring to the group.

What can you expect?

  • A small, supportive group of writers learning to give and receive focused and helpful feedback.

  • The opportunity to have an accountability partner throughout the program.

  • To learn elements of craft that directly relate to what you and your fellow writers are creating.
  • To receive professional input on short stories, essays, feature stories, or chapters to help you ensure that you're sharing the story or main message that you want to share. 
  • To experience an emphasis on actionable feedback so you feel energized to grow the quality of your writing.
  • To benefit from private sessions with a coach who knows how to zero in on the heart of your story and your next steps.



Ready to apply? The next course starts in September.

This private, customized course is valued at $3,250 for a wealth of writing support: private coaching, professional and actionable feedback to your writing, participation in a facilitated critique group, seminars on the craft of writing, an accountability partner, and all the associated benefits—like the growth you'll see in your writing and the unparallelled level of inspiration. Payment plans are available, as are special discounts. Participants who pay up front receive a special rate of $3,100 and Inspired Writers Studio members receive a special rate of $2,997. Interested in signing up with your writing partner? Email me about further discounts. alissa [at] writingstrides [dot] com.

When you register, you'll be in good hands. Here's what writers have said about working with me: 


"First and foremost, you are the very best listener. I never feel as "heard" as when I talk to you. And I talk to a lot of people. You l-i-s-t-e-n. It's so refreshing. Then, you sort through all the B.S. that just came out of my mouth and synthesize it down into what's really important, what I really just said. Then you have this uncanny ability to point out the one thing I hadn't thought of when I thought I had thought of everything."
--Dina, CO


Your dedication, enthusiasm and authenticity to truly want to help other writers become the best they can be in their art has made me keep coming back to you as a coach. Second, your experience and knowledge as a writer give you outstanding credibility and critical problem-solving skills to help other writers no matter what project or subject they may be tackling."
--Linda, CO


Interested? Now is the time to learn more. The next Master Track starts in September. Apply today. There's no obligation to register when you do so. This an opportunity to have a private consultation with Alissa to learn more about the program and arrive at an informed decision.

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I look forward to hearing from you! I will follow up with you personally and you may also contact me at alissa [at] writingstrides [dot] com.