As a newspaper editor, freelance writer, and creative writer, my publication credits have run the gamut from feature stories on the oil and gas industry to short stories and essays. Here's a sample of my work so you have a sense for my style:

A Sample of Creative Writing

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Naked Tomatoes
An essay I wrote about the grief of divorce. Originally published in Green Woman Magazine. Illustration by Rachael Davis.

"Glass jars of home-canned tomatoes fill the cupboard over my refrigerator, ’50s icons in a 21st century kitchen. If I could, I would pull one down, unscrew the gold metal band and pop off the lid underneath to release the fresh aroma of tomato. It would be a reminder of summer’s abundance, a buoy against the ice and snow covering the ground and the downward slide of the thermometer. But I have moved out of the house while my husband and I sort our belongings. I saw no room in transient living for fragile, glass jars."  Continue Reading

Everything is Fine
A short story published on The Master's Review. From their website: In “Everything is Fine,” a couple’s new dog goes missing. This search-and-rescue tale is so much more than a story about tensions that arise in a relationship due to conflict. “Everything is Fine” explores memory, self-awareness, and kindness, in a piece that is as touching as it is heart wrenching. Read the Story Now

A Sampe of Adventure and News Feature Writing

Mountain Biking on Colorado's Uncompahgre Plateau
Feature story in the Wall Street Journal.

Turning a New Leaf
A feature series on the Gunnison Valley's marijuana industry published by the Crested Butte News
Part I: The Ins and Outs of Running a Shop
Part II: Grow Operations
Part III: Community Perception
art IV: Community Impacts