See what WritingStrides clients say about working with me.

       Julia J, St. pal, Minn.

       Julia J, St. pal, Minn.

When I started this program I thought, felt, believed that it was the right thing to do but I was skeptical of my ability to follow through with it. I also worried that really focusing on writing would only reveal to me that I wasn’t actually any good.

I had no idea that I would remain so committed to the process. That I would be able to go from writing zero to writing 4 days a week. That when my schedule got busy I’d wake up early to write.

I’ve learned that there really is something so inspiring to the exploration and discovery of writing. I used to think I needed to know what I was going to write and then write it. I thought the fun came in capturing something I had already figured out in my mind.

And while sometimes that happens, it’s also an attitude that leads to writing less and being frustrated with my writing. Now that I’ve written this way, as an act of exploration, I think there would be so much missed in leaving this kind of writing out.
— Julia, St. Paul, MN
Alissa is motivating and inspiring—I wish I would have contacted her sooner! She is easy to talk to, a good listener, very knowledgeable and intuitive. I was nervous at first since I am a new writer, however she was so supportive and straightforward—it was really easy to work with her. She helped establish a framework for my writing lifestyle and gave me confidence in my creative process, writing style and ideas. I love getting her newsletters because they are full of great tips and stories too.
— Mary, Gunnison, CO
                Linda, CO

                Linda, CO

You have the gift of saying the right things, by paying close attention to what your client is saying, and of suggesting what might be the next helpful step(s)... Having a guide there who actually knows your work intimately is a rare circumstance. I’m grateful for it.
— Laurie, Felton, CA
As a result of this program, I accomplished:

*A clear, focused story and writing
*A less dramatic outlook on life/ a refreshing perspective
*A better understanding of my life/ my story
*Improved writing technique.
*Inner peace/ strength

I truly mean this, there was no part of the program that was least helpful. It all served a purpose and was well worth my time.
— Anna, Gunnison, CO
Anna, Gunnison, COLO.

Anna, Gunnison, COLO.

I finished a story from beginning to end! A lot of times, I can write very quickly in response to a prompt but can never usually find the ending. I also have a lot of ideas and start writing scenes, but having to be accountable to Alissa, I found the discipline within myself to write. I made time for writing and having set aside the time, now have a routine set for writing.
— Sasha, Oakland Park, FL
Sasha, FL.

Sasha, FL.

This program has motivated me to express the thoughts swirling around in my head, escape the outside world and gain perspective. Alissa opened my mind to the idea of feeling free to write as badly as I want in order to get it all down–there’ll be a thread in my bad writing that will take me to the story that I need to tell. Before The Confident Writer Program I was stuck thinking that I needed to write fiction. Alissa taught me that I don’t have to limit myself. I tried a creative nonfiction memoir. I was surprised to find out there was a story to be told and it was from my heart.
— Linda, Aspen, CO
Karen, Colo.

Karen, Colo.

Your perspective in being able to see things in my writing that I couldn’t see and your direction were the most beneficial parts of working with you. I learned more from this program than in all the workshops I’ve taken put together. I was able to trust you and I felt that you respected my story. Thank you for that:)
— Karen, Broomfield, Colo.
Alissa’s vast knowledge about the craft of writing paired with her gentleness, humor and patience created an inviting place for me to unlock my writing, and courageously face the blocks and uncertainties that had previously kept me from writing. Her step-by-step process and insightful feedback allowed me to reach beyond what I thought was possible. I am excited to continue fostering this creative fire that Alissa has sparked!
— Sarah, St. Paul, MN
After our first phone conversation I knew that I had chosen the right person to help me go forward on my book. I had shelved the work on it for about a year and after talking to Alissa for just an hour on the phone I got right back to work, did some revision and hammered out what I really wanted to work with.

“How did that happen? I have no idea except that Alissa can get into the nitty gritty almost immediately and draw it out of you. It is almost miraculous. I continue on the path and am feeling really good about it with her help and writing whispers.
— Melissa, Ridgway, CO
Melissa, co

Melissa, co

You made my project a priority and while you may have had other projects you were working on I felt you gave mine your full attention. You were also very encouraging and your comments inspired me to dig back in and rewrite rewrite rewrite… I called it my “happiness project”. It was joyful and exhilarating for me to write.
— Jody, Aspen, CO