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Before Alissa: Like most writers, I held the belief that before my pen hit the paper or my fingers caressed the keys, my words had to be perfect, I needed to have at least an hour set aside to write and I had to write every. single. day. Um, I love writing but I have many other creative interests I want to explore.

Enter Alissa. Right away, her message of writing when I wanted to and for as long or short as I wanted to was so refreshing. I allowed myself permission to create my own flow and since working with Alissa, I have written multiple stories and even had the nerve to enter a flash fiction contest and was a winner. Alissa also taught me to stop waiting for the perfect moment to write and to just write when I have the time, whether it’s a few minutes to an hour. This has really helped me go from aspiring writer to actually writing.
— ChaChanna S.
Chachanna S.

Chachanna S.

Karen C.

Karen C.

My growth as a writer has been exponential while working with Alissa. She has such enthusiasm for the writing process and a real gift for encouraging writers.  She’s taught me that there is more to the craft than just writing! I’ve learned confidence in setting my intentions and carrying them through.

Alissa has a talent for reading between the lines, and finding things in my writing that I may not be able to see. Her feedback is clear, direct, and always respectful.  I’ve learned so much about my own writing process, what works and why it works. What to do when I get stuck and how to trust my instincts. Writing has become more about figuring things out then about knowing everything before I get to the page. It’s a discovery process, and I’m learning to trust that process, and in the meantime I’m writing more and enjoying it more than ever.      --Karen C.

One of the main things I’ve learned from working with Alissa is to never give up. I️ would have never a third short story this year if it had not been for Alissa’s encouragement and confidence in me. She gives me that extra nudge to push me beyond what I️ would ordinarily accomplish. This gives me a higher sense of satisfaction.  

I️ feel my writing has become more sophisticated in voice, character development and plot. The obstacles in the plots more climatic because of Alissa challenging me to dig deeper and not to worry about the end product. She’s taught me to trust my instinct and intuition.

And because of Alissa, I stretch my imagination beyond its limits searching for that elusive word that will capture a breathtaking sunrise. I have learned that I gain some of my most creative ideas when I connect nature with writing.
— Linda K.

"The Clear Focused Writers Workshop brought me to the fulfillment of my dream of becoming a writer.  In this workshop, Alissa called me to the page with her new perspective on the writing process, which was perfectly balanced with well-crafted worksheets, prompts and assignments. With her extraordinary vision of possibility and daily coaching, she guided me to make writing an integral part of my life.  She expertly facilitates group discussion to create a forum of continuous support and encouragement for new and experienced writers. Her unique approach, the tools and support took me on a journey to the completion of a work. But it is Alissa’s uplifting belief in her writers that opened my mind to believe in myself.  I am a writer!" 

--Annie S.


After our first phone conversation I knew I had chosen the right person to help me go forward on my book. I had shelved the work on it for about a year and after talking to Alissa for just an hour I got right back to work, did some revision and hammered out what I really wanted to work with.

“How did that happen? I have no idea except that Alissa can get into the nitty gritty almost immediately and draw it out of you. It is almost miraculous. I continue on the path and am feeling really good about it with her help and writing whispers.
— Melissa J.



Alissa, always encouraging and upbeat, has a shown me how to make my  characters live 'in the moment' and to discover my protagonist's real voice. Together Alissa and I slashed and burned extraneous stuff which didn't advance the plot, rather took the reader out of the story. 

Having never worked with a professional editor before I don't know how to criticize Alissa's style of editing. What I do know is that with Alissa's guidance, I believe I have earned a Master's Degree of Fine Arts. Maybe just maybe, an agent with pick me up and help publish my book. Without Alissa I would be no nearer to my goal of publication that when I first put word to page on this story, more than thirty years ago.   

--Liz C.

Alissa is motivating and inspiring—I wish I would have contacted her sooner! She is easy to talk to, a good listener, very knowledgeable and intuitive. I was nervous at first since I am a new writer, however she was so supportive and straightforward—it was really easy to work with her. She helped establish a framework for my writing lifestyle and gave me confidence in my creative process, writing style and ideas. I love getting her newsletters because they are full of great tips and stories too.
— Mary B.

“You have the gift of saying the right things, by paying close attention to what your client is saying, and of suggesting what might be the next helpful step(s)... Having a guide there who actually knows your work intimately is a rare circumstance. I’m grateful for it. ”

--Laurie F.

"You made my project a priority and while you may have had other projects you were working on I felt you gave mine your full attention. You were also very encouraging and your comments inspired me to dig back in and rewrite rewrite rewrite… I called it my “happiness project”. It was joyful and exhilarating for me to write."

--Jody F.

Alissa’s vast knowledge about the craft of writing paired with her gentleness, humor and patience created an inviting place for me to unlock my writing, and courageously face the blocks and uncertainties that had previously kept me from writing. Her step-by-step process and insightful feedback allowed me to reach beyond what I thought was possible. I am excited to continue fostering this creative fire that Alissa has sparked!
— Sarah F.