It's one thing to feel like a writer. It's another to know what that means. What, exactly, do you want to write and how should you write it? Should you specialize in one topic, or write any idea that comes to mind? And what should you do with your stories once you've written them? Sometimes, it feels like you should have it figured out by now — like you should know your place as a writer.

What if you could let your writing lead the way, and discover your place as a writer in an authentic and meaningful way?

In the Writer's Voice one-on-one coaching program, you'll discover the freedom that comes from letting go of the questions and treating the writing itself as a form of exploration. By following your interests, you'll uncover the stories and writing that are most meaningful to you. And in the process, you'll create stories that are meaningful for readers. The more you follow your heart and the less you worry about the details, the clearer and more vivid your writing will be. 

Over the course of the Writer's Voice program, you will:

  • Take multiple pieces through their full life cycle, from idea through revision, seeing the quality of your writing grow and figuring out what niche you fill as a writer
  • Get to know what makes a story tick and how to let readers think, feel, and experience so they can connect with your story — which means you'll produce writing more likely get noticed by editors, publishers and acceptance committees 
  • Receive thoughtful and respectful feedback from an experienced coach who knows that feeling good about what you've accomplished is just as important as learning how to improve

When you work with me, you will see new potential in your writing, create stories that have a meaningful place in the world, and form a clear picture of where you want your writing to take you. 

When you sign up for the Writer's Voice, you'll receive:

  • A Writer's Foundation Session. We'll talk one-on-one about your writing background, your biggest questions, and tailor the program to your goals
  • Personalized feedback to your writing a minimum of four times, including written comments to help you understand how your story is coming across and ideas to make it clearer, as well as real time reactions on the page so you can see what's entertaining, what's emotional, what's vivid and what might need some finessing
  • A minimum of four one-on-one coaching sessions designed to break through any sticking points in the writing process and help you feel good about being a writer
  • Email support between sessions so you're never alone on the writing journey

In the Writer's Voice program, I know that you will see the quality of your work grow, feel good about writing, and experience a new and powerful sense of possibility. You'll develop a new understanding of what you want to do with your writing, and your writer's voice will emerge — that intangible quality that, even as each piece is unique, lets a reader know it comes from the same author. 

Clients in this program have gone on to publish, apply to and get accepted into prestigious writing conferences, and write novels or memoirs.

Intrigued? Three- and six-month options are available. Apply for a free DISCOVERY SESSION to talk about which length of program is right for you. We'll talk about your writing goals, where you are today, and the best ways to move forward. We'll also determine whether the Writer's Voice Coaching Program can help you become a more confident, accomplished writer. I look forward to hearing from you!